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Business.  Whether you own and operate an AFH business or are considering an In-Home Care business, this website will assist you. The Tool Box Journal gives you the basics and more.

At Home.  If you are a family Caregiver in your home or your vulnerable one's home, you will find crucial information and encouragement. Family Caregivers blog gives support and answers your questions. 

Meet your experienced resource for Adult Family Home and In-Home Care practices.

maxines-pic.jpgMaxine Brink has been an experienced and respected Adult Family Home owner for a decade in Snohomish County. She is a DSHS-certified Community Instructor for LTC Dementia Level 1 and Mental Health. She has developed and taught Continuing Education for her own caregivers.

She is a published author and poet, accomplished in bringing compassion into the reality of disability and dementia. As a public speaker and teacher, she connects with her audience and their individual needs using humor and perspective. She looks for strengths and abilities in her residents, adjusting her approach to give them independence and joy.

Website content brings clients and quality caregivers to your home. Maxine will work with you to produce marketing strategy and enticing copy.

She is an active member of the Adult Family Home Council ( which represents more than 30,000 caregivers in Washington and offers education to caregivers and the Legislature, and effectively accomplishes collective bargaining on our behalf. Many experienced home owners have contributed to the topics on this web site and we thank them.

Maxine’s E-books and bi-monthly Newsletter, Tool Box Journal, can support you as you courageously step into the arena with “the families,” your residents, their primary physician, and State DSHS regulations.

You can send her questions and comments at

 Let’s do this together….

Maxine Brink
Association Health Care Journalists
DSHS Community Instructor


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