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The simple act of caring is heroic.

– Edward Albert

Dementia Toolbox Journal



Dementia ToolBox Journal is about you.

Whether you are the primary caregiver for a loved one, a home care business caregiver, or a concerned friend, this website is written to support you.

We offer crucial information about altered brain conditions as well as encouragement that you are not alone.

Each person’s brain is as unique as their personality and life experience. There are recognized diagnosable symptoms, but each symptom and behavior shows itself with unique nuances.

As dementia progresses, your caregiving ability to adjust and follow your loved one's care plan will be challenged until you are unable to continue and your health becomes jeopardized. Your exhaustion is expected and in no way labels you as ineffective and non-caring.

We are also interested in your story.

“Our Dad seems fine to us, but our mother is complaining that he constantly tells her what to do. She says Dad is critical and mean. He won’t let her drive, but insists on driving her to the store. We checked the car and it has scrapes along the passenger side. Who has the problem, Dad or Mom?”

DTBJ recommends you keep a journal of interactions with both your parents. If they are under the same doctor’s care, make an appointment and explain the reason. The doctor may be able to see both of your parents at the same time or set up a video conference. Write up short vignettes of their behaviors that the doctor can read before the appointment. Tests may be ordered or an evaluation given with recommendations for your parents’ care. There has been a change in your parent’s relationship that needs to be addressed.

If you write a descriptive vignette or structure your feelings in poetic form, consider sharing with us.  They will be shared on Your Story.

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Maxine Brink and her husband have been experienced and respected Adult Family Homeowners for a decade in Snohomish County, WA. They are retired but still active in the dementia world.

 She is a published author and poet, accomplished in bringing compassion into the reality of disability and dementia. As a public speaker and teacher, she connects with her audience and their individual needs using humor and perspective.

 They were members of the Adult Family Home Council ( which represents more than 30,000 AFH owners and caregivers in Washington. They offer education and support.

 Many experienced caregivers and homeowners have contributed to the information on this web site. We thank them.

 We recommend the following websites:,,, and








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