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We would each like to be independent, in good health, and in familiar surroundings as long as we live. When illness or disability intervenes, Adagio AFH is a home away from home.

A mission statement, like the one above, can be brief, one or two sentences that tell the story of the care-seeker and the care-giver.

The following second statement gives a more extensive presentation. It defines your company's goals, ethics, culture and norms for your decision-making. This mission statement serves as education for the care-seeker: what care facilities are available and how yours contrasts with the others. It also serves as a training tool for your staff as they come to you from other care facilities that may not own the same mission you strive to accomplish.

An adult family home is an intimate, caring environment for people living with dementia, disability, and/or mental health issues. It is not a facility (boarding house), but a home environment for six or fewer persons in a supportive neighborhood.

Care plans are negotiated to suit each individual, ensuring that someone with a disability is at the center of decisions which relate to their life.

A person-centered approach involves observation, caregivers thinking together as a team to implement creative care changes when behaviors and health change; care that acts like a prosthetic allowing the individual to participate as fully as possible. Each interaction is an opportunity for conversation like we would do with a friend.

The home must meet strict government guidelines written to protect vulnerable adults. Outside supervision is built into the operation of the home. The caregivers are educated and well trained. They are compassionate people who often willingly cared for a relative or an elderly neighbor.

In our adult family home, we cherish and care for our residents' unique needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual if requested. We celebrate their contributions to society throughout their lifetimes. Our adult family home becomes a home away from home.

Your Mission Statement is the foundation of your business. It determines if each wall stands plumb. It provides direction and support when foul weather attempts to blow your house down. After an exhausting day when you wonder why you signed up for caregiving, the answer is

You are in this business because you care.

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